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How to Grow Baker or Hayman variety sweet potatoes from Plants
Growing Sweet Potatoes 
The best soil type is a well drained, light sandy loam or silt loam soils. Poor drainage can cause root damage. The soil ph should between 5.2-6.7.

Fertilizer Requirements
Incorporate into soil before planting:
25 lbs./Acre Nitrogen
100 lbs./Acre Phosphorus
200lbs./Acre Potassium

Apply 3-4 weeks after planting:
25-50 lbs./Acre Nitrogen

Soil Preparation
Till soil, remove weeds, lay out rows with 36 inch spacing. Incorporate recommended fertilizer into soil. Hill (make a ridge down each row).

Planting and care
Plant sprouts 12-18 inches between plants, approximately 4 inches deep on top of ridge, water.Three to four weeks after planting side dress with nitrogen and pull more dirt to the plants to make ridge taller. Continue to weed until vines cover the ground. Vines may grow over 10 feet long. 

The Baker variety generally takes around 120 days for maturity. Harvest potatoes before frost. Remove vines and dig potatoes being carefull not to damage roots. Handle gently until curred, sweet potatoes bruise and scar easily. Dig only what you can pick up in a short amount of time so as to prevent sun damage. 

Curing and Storage
Dry roots at 80 to 85 degrees F. for 7-10 days. Once dried, store in a cool dry place. No cooler than 55 degrees F.

Sample Fertilizer Formula
   B   X  100 X  (       )  =amount needed               Planting Area:     A  sq. ft.                
   C                   43,560    for planting                      1 Acre:    43, 560 sq. ft.           
                                                                                Recommended Fertilizer:   B                        .   
                                                                                Ratio number on Fertilizer:   

Example: 100 ft. row with 3 foot row spacing, recommended potassium is 200 lbs./Acre. The ratio number of selected fertilizer is 34.
200  X  100 X  (  300  ) = 4.05 lbs/row
 34                  43,560
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